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    Past President – Bill Durkin
    President – Lynda Moore
    1st Vice-President – Pat Kalapaca
    2nd Vice-President – Jane Gravelle
    Secretary – Jennifer Tovell-Jamieson
    Treasurer – Cathy Rooyakkers
    Homecraft President – Ellen Bryan


    David Tilson, M.P.; Sylvia Jones, M.P.P.


    To the end of 2013 – Bev Graham, Michelle Martin, Michele Chessell, Ellen Bryan
    To the end of 2014 – Pat Kalapaca, Marlies Kaehli, Cathy Rooyakkers, Cindy Greenwood
    To the end of 2015 – Jane Gravelle, Marilyn Stuckey, Lynda Moore


    Heavy Horse Show – Joanne Everson, Alice Mournahan, Allen Taylor, Allan & Kim Mournahan, Melody Darling, Verena Tupling
    Grain and Seed and Hay – Melody Darling , Arthur Taylor
    Roots and Vegetables – Melody Darling, John Black.
    Concessions and Displays – 519-216-6859
    Sponsorship – Lynda Moore, Donna Blackwell, Bev Graham, Marilyn Stuckey, Marlies Kaehli, Cheryl Whitworth
    Entertainment & Midway Committee – Donna Blackwell, Bill Durkin, Lynda Moore.
    Parade Committee – Amy Steen, Jane Gravelle, Rick Darling.
    Property & Grounds Committee – All Director’s Responsible
    Church Service – Sunday Sept. 22, 9:30 a.m. – In arena at Community Centre.
    Ag Awareness – All Directors responsible–Wednesday, September 18.
    Horseshoe Pitching – Barrie Fuller
    Truck and Tractor Pull – Russell Simpson, Susan Simpson.
    Window Theme Display – Anne McPherson, Olive Montgomery

    The President, Homecraft President, Secretary and Treasurer are automatically on all committees.

    A meeting of the directors and members will be held in the Community Centre boardroom in Grand Valley on Thursday, October 24, 2013, at 7:30 PM, to confirm prizes awarded and transact certain business that may be necessary.


    (Paid Membership of $5.00 received as of May, 2013)

    Alice Cowan
    Alida Bus
    Allen Taylor
    Amy Steen
    Anne McPherson
    Arnold Townsend
    Art Taylor
    Barb Tait
    Beth Durkin
    Bev Graham
    Bill Durkin
    Carol Agar
    Carol Halliday
    Carol Holloway
    Carol VanderGrinten
    Carole Rampling
    Cathy Rooyakkers
    Charles Schneider
    Cindy Greenwood
    Dave Robertson
    David Moritz
    Dodie Gilks
    Donna Blackwell
    Doug Jamieson
    Edith Reilly
    Ellen Bryan
    Elly van der Veen
    Eric Landman
    Gail Clarke
    Greg Moore
    Jane Gravelle
    Jennifer Tovell Jamieson
    Jill Gellatly
    Jill Pogson
    Jim Graham
    Joanne Stevenson
    Kathleen Mulliss
    Laura Edwards
    Leah Mitchell
    Joanne Stevenson
    Kathleen Mulliss
    Laura Edwards
    Leah Mitchell
    Liz Van Gerven
    Lorna McPherson
    Lou Berger
    Luella Montgomery
    Lynda Moore
    Lynn Wilson
    Margaret Hunter
    Marie Jordan
    Marilyn Stuckey
    Marion Taylor
    Marlies Kaehli
    Martin Rooyakkers
    Mathew Rooyakkers
    Merv Smith
    Michelle Martin
    Mike Kalapaca
    Murray Smeltzer
    Myrna Roberts
    Nina Townsend
    Olive Montgomery
    Pat Kalapaca
    Pieter van der Veen
    Rebecca Landman
    Rick Taylor
    Robert Greenwood
    Robin Berger
    Roland Wick
    Ruth McPherson
    Sarah Rooyakkers
    Sherry Wick
    Sheryl Moore
    Susan Moritz
    Tania Scheiwiller
    Walter Kaehli
    William Bus


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