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    Best Decorated – River Kuenzig
    Heat 1 Big Cars – 1st Brad Thompson 2nd Blayne Tait Hall
    Heat 2 Big Cars – 1st Brad Kinsley 2nd Jamie Peterson
    Heat 3 Big Cars – 1st Jeremy Kinsley 2nd Brandon Gale
    Heat 1 Figure 8 – 1st Jason Shouldice 2nd Hank Post
    Heat 2 Figure 8 – 1st Chad Bryant 2nd Stephan Philips
    Heat 3 Figure 8 – 1st Andrew Martin 2nd Mike Goswell
    Heat 4 Figure 8 – 1st Colton Holmes 2nd Reid Rayfield
    Heat 5 Figure 8 – 1st Jason Marshall 2nd Nicholas Cole
    Heat 6 Figure 8 – 1st Andrew Thompson 2nd Glenn Reid
    Powder Puff Figure 8 – 1st Sharlene Robertson 2nd Hailey Martin
    Redneck Race – 1st Mike Cote
    Figure 8 2nd Place Final – 1st Steven Philips 2nd Glenn Reid
    Figure 8 1st Place Final – 1st Andrew Martin 2nd Andrew Thompson
    Big Car Final – 1st Brad Thompson 2nd Jeremy Kinsley
    Small Car Full Demo – 1st Mike Cote 2nd Jason Shouldice


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    The Grand Valley Fall Fair was a success despite the inclement weather. Many “THANKS” to the Executive, Conveners, Members, Sponsors, Volunteers, Cadets, Demo Cross and Demo Derby drivers, Truck & Tractor Pull Entrants, Livestock and Arena Exhibitors and anyone else that participated in our Fair.

    Thanks for the awesome support.

    Lynda Moore, President


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    The parade is pushed back an hour and will begin at noon today due to the rainy weather.

    The demolition derby will start later today at 4:00 PM!

    Let’s hope that this soggy, yet lovely, rain gives us a small break today!


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    Below are two PDF files regarding being a vendor at the 2013 Grand Valley Fall Fair!

    – 2013 Contract Rules for Vendors FINAL
    – Vendor Application Form

    Your vendor application form can be sent in via email (located in the PDF) or by post to:

    Grand Valley Agricultural Society
    60 Main St. North
    Grand Valley, ON L9W 5S7
    (519) 216 6859

    If you have any questions, please use our contact page to get in touch!